Monday, December 23, 2013

November 15th

*Competency is the quality of being adequately or well qualifies physically and intellectually.  For instance, in the Archie Bunker's Neighborhood experiment the "White" people would have been identifide as having competence.

Three things I learned... 
  • What it felt like to be discriminated based on a stereotype placed on me.
  • Even today we have to conscious of the  discriminations that still occur towards other people.
  • We most be aware of our actions, because sometimes we can subconsciously offend someone.
The most shocking thing about the activity was the fact that this type of discrimination happened on a regular basis, and that there is still discrimination occurring today just in different forms. I think the activity was a great way to get everyone engaged and thinking about how unjust people can be treated. 

November 16

Leadership Academy

Three things I learned...
  • That everyone has their own three core values, which guide them through life.
  • Congruence is a harmony between a person's inner and outer world. 
  • Ethics is your values put into action.
My favorite thing about Leadership Academy was the opportunity to hear what different people had to say about leadership. I think the most valuable thing I will take way from Leadership Academy, is the importance of self-reflection. It is truly amazing what you can learn about yourself when you take the time to actually listen, not just passively listen.

The Value session was all about self-reflecting about what priorities guide your life choices, how you decide what is important to you, and what you are truly not willing to do in order to achieve your goals. The ethics session was all about how you apply your values to everyday situations.  The Commitment session was about how our values motivate us to do different thing.  Overall, the whole day was center around getting to know yourself better, in order to become a truly influential leader in society.

I believe ethics plays a huge role in leadership,because it is how individuals act out their values. If some is unable to act/live out their own values, we can't expect them to a good leader who has to act out the values of the group.  

November 1st

 Diversity in Leadership

Things I learned....

  • That people have a wide range of characteristics that they classify themselves in. For example, some people classify themselves based on religion or nationality, and others may classify themselves based on gender or class.
  • That a good leader must try their best to be value neutral, in order to make the best decisions for the group. 
  • That everyone has a different approach to handling conflicts. While some people may take a more direct approach, others will be more subtle.  Even though these approaches are vastly different they both can be very beneficial or very harmful depending upon the situation.
A leader must be sensitive to cultural and social identities, in order not to offend anyone and to better understand each individual in the group.  A leader can only lead if they have followers, and followers will only fallow if they feel they are being lead in the right direction.  In order for a leader to know the best way to direct the group they must know the group and understand what the members need and want.  The best way to do this is for the leader to be sensitive the identities of the members.  I do believe that the things I learned in the meeting will help me confront these issues as they emerge throughout my life.  

Personally, I think it is impossible for leadership to be completely value neutral, because everyone has their own values.  However, I do believe it is a leaders responsibility to be aware of all the members values, and make decisions accordingly. I do believe leadership is better when it is ethical, because it will lead the group in being productive with good things rather than productive with evil things.

Friday, December 20, 2013

December 6th

Reflection and Spring 2014 Goal Setting

Three things I learned...
  • I learned how to set SMART goals.
  • I learned that there might be a second year FLI program added next year.
  • I learned that there are so many different chooses we have for our entertainment aspect of our community service project, we could have a magician, ballon artist, music group, ect...
I things I am most looking forward to about the Spring semester is new classes and completing the community service project.  I am super excited to see it all come together and  excited to see how it turns out!  My only concern would be that something doesn't go as planned, this would upset me because I am a planner and hate when something goes wrong and there is no back up plan.  One major goal I identified at the meeting was to get volunteers, one way I could do this is by contacting the BGSU Service Resource Connection.

My plans for winter break is to spend time with my out of state family that is coming up for Christmas and will be staying with us for a couple days.  Also, I plan to hangout with my friend from Arizona who I haven't see in couple months and will be up here for a week.  Lastly, I plan to work at my job more than just on the weekends.

*The picture I picked out wouldn't show up once I put it no picture this time :(

Friday, October 25, 2013

October 18th Meeting

Personal Identity
Three things I learned:
  1. That everyone in the group has their own unique set of top five strengths.
  2. There are pros and cons of each strength.
  3. That the equation for strengths is: St=T(K+Sk).  This means... Strength=Talent(Knowledge+Skill).  From this equation we can learn that everyone of our strengths arose from our talents.
After taking strength quest i learned that my top five strengths are: Responsibility, Learner, Harmony, Consistency, and Futuristic.  Overall, I believe the results were surprisingly accurate. I see parts of these strengths throughout my daily tasks.  The only strength that surprised me was Futuristic, but after reading through what it meant and reflecting on myself, I definitely could see myself possessing it. The reason it is so important to know what you are good and what you aren't so good at as a leader is, so that you can embrace your strengths and using them to there fullest.  Also, by knowing what you aren't so good at, you will know when you need to find help from others who are really good at that task/skill.  That way they can use their strengths to maximize the groups progress.

"I see everyone as pre-great."- Erwin McManus
 In order to reach your full potential you must embrace your strengths and not focus on your non-strengths.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Retreat Reflection

Retreat Reflection

3 Things I Learned...

  • I learned as a group we tend to be very aggressive when approaching task. This means our movements can cause a large ripple effect, which can be good or bad.
  • I also learned that their are generally two types of people, the people who think as they talk and then the people who think then talk. 
  • A third thing I learned was our group had both types of people, we have people who throw out the ideas and then we also have the people who critic the ideas. 

My favorite part of the retreat was the team building activities we did.  I really like them because they all had an underlying message. For instance, the one of  messages of the river activity was that every job matters, no matter how small it seems. Another reason I really liked the team building activities was the fact that throughout the different activities you could see the strengths of each of the member shine through. A thing I learned through these activities were some of the strengths of the different members, which will come in handy as we plan our community service activity and participate in different activities together.

I took the strength finder test and found out my top strength is Responsibility. The test said "people who are especially talented in the Responsibility theme take psychological ownership of what they say they will do.  They are committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty." Which I find accurate when comparing it to me.  My biggest area of improvement would probably be communication, because I'm an introvert. Which means I tend to be a quieter person, which can hinder my communication skills.

Friday, October 4, 2013

September 27th Cohort Meeting

September 27th Cohort Meeting

Name: Why Does Leadership Matter?  Relational and Servant Leadership

3 things I learned:

  • I learned who my mentor is, and started to get to know them better.
  • Another thing I learned was the five components which make up the relational leadership theory, which includes purposeful, inclusive, empowering, ethical, and process-oriented.
  • I also learned that our group has lost several members, we started with eleven and we are now down to six.

The trait that I connect with the most is 'listening'.  The reason I feel like I connect with this most is because, I believe everyone has a voice.  Sometimes people may not feel like they have a voice, because all they hear is everyone else's voice.  With this in mind, I believe it is the leaders responsibility to make sure everyone feels like they have a voice.  A leader that I see possessing servant leadership qualities is Gandhi. After meeting my peer mentor I'm excited to get to know them better and become good friends with them. :)

The thing I was looking most forward to about the retreat was getting to know the other members a lot better, which entailed learned about their lives.