Friday, October 25, 2013

October 18th Meeting

Personal Identity
Three things I learned:
  1. That everyone in the group has their own unique set of top five strengths.
  2. There are pros and cons of each strength.
  3. That the equation for strengths is: St=T(K+Sk).  This means... Strength=Talent(Knowledge+Skill).  From this equation we can learn that everyone of our strengths arose from our talents.
After taking strength quest i learned that my top five strengths are: Responsibility, Learner, Harmony, Consistency, and Futuristic.  Overall, I believe the results were surprisingly accurate. I see parts of these strengths throughout my daily tasks.  The only strength that surprised me was Futuristic, but after reading through what it meant and reflecting on myself, I definitely could see myself possessing it. The reason it is so important to know what you are good and what you aren't so good at as a leader is, so that you can embrace your strengths and using them to there fullest.  Also, by knowing what you aren't so good at, you will know when you need to find help from others who are really good at that task/skill.  That way they can use their strengths to maximize the groups progress.

"I see everyone as pre-great."- Erwin McManus
 In order to reach your full potential you must embrace your strengths and not focus on your non-strengths.


  1. I love your wordle and quote! Very relevant to our meeting this week(:

  2. You make an excellent point when you say we need to focus on our strengths. As much as I admire your strength of Harmony I know that is something I will never be as good at so instead I focus on being an Includer which I naturally am. I also love your colorful picture!