Monday, December 23, 2013

November 15th

*Competency is the quality of being adequately or well qualifies physically and intellectually.  For instance, in the Archie Bunker's Neighborhood experiment the "White" people would have been identifide as having competence.

Three things I learned... 
  • What it felt like to be discriminated based on a stereotype placed on me.
  • Even today we have to conscious of the  discriminations that still occur towards other people.
  • We most be aware of our actions, because sometimes we can subconsciously offend someone.
The most shocking thing about the activity was the fact that this type of discrimination happened on a regular basis, and that there is still discrimination occurring today just in different forms. I think the activity was a great way to get everyone engaged and thinking about how unjust people can be treated. 

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  1. I agree Alyssa, the fact that discrimination in all forms still occurs today is something most of us probably have never taken the time to think about. I'm glad you appreciated the activity for the opportunity to experience a different view point, so did I(: